Trade Show Staffing Challenges And Solutions



Trade shows can be exhausting for your sales team.  Often shows run from 7 in the morning until 10 or later in the evening.  If you send just a single person, or two people to run the show, it is simply not enough.  Your team members need regular breaks and additional individuals to help with managing crowds, signing up potential customers for one-on-one appointments with sales team members, and other tasks.  Fortunately, there are staffing agencies that provide highly skilled and trained individuals for trade show jobs, just like this.  There are wide varieties of types of individuals that can be hired for trade show events from spokes models, mystery shoppers, sales professionals, setup and tear down experts, and more.

Spokes Models And Promotional Models

Promotional Models

Promotional Models

Spokes models can be an excellent way to draw people to your booth.  These individuals are professional and energetic spokespersons for your business that can enliven even the dreariest of trade shows.  They are adept at speaking to a wide array of individuals and can work to draw individuals into your booth.  Unlike a promotional model, spokes models have the ability to speak on behalf of your business.  Promotional models on the other hand typically are not as highly trained or skilled at representing your company, but can be effective for drawing in customers.

Survey Takers

Most companies and organizations that host trade shows will allow businesses to take surveys on the floor of the event; it is important to ask if it is permitted in your event.  One of the things that can sweeten the deal for the event management company is to offer to have your survey takers work for them a couple of hours out of the day taking a survey that is relevant to them.  Professional survey takers can be hired to float through large events, ask event attendees certain questions, and then point them in the direction of your booth.  You can even have the survey takers give interested individuals they speak with a special ticket to receive one of the premium promotional items you have stashed away.  Trade show success is all about building a buzz in the building and getting as many people to your booth as possible.

Booth Setup And Tear Down Professionals

If you have a professional booth that has been designed, your staff many need assistance in setting up and tearing down your trade show booth.  These highly trained and flexible individuals can meet your booth at the facility and set it up so that your sales team and event staff can focus on building relationships and getting the sales that you desire.  Setup and tear down are two of the most time consuming, and often frustrating aspects of trade shows.  The last thing you want is a staff that is already frustrated and exhausted from setup so they are not energized and ready to effectively work the trade show.

Event Sales Professionals

There are individuals that specialize in event sales.  These individuals can be quickly trained as to your brand message, your products, and your services.  These professionals will look, act, and represent your business in a professional manner and are the perfect addition to your event management team.  You can use them as extras with your on staff team members, or in cases of emergency or due to travel restrictions, can even replace your internal team members. These professionals make their living by representing a wide range of companies with an outstanding attitude and the necessary sales skills to further your agenda at a trade show.

Desirable Characteristics of Trade Show Professionals

Trade Show Staff

Trade Show Staff

Trade show staff must be friendly, professional, and well-trained.  They must physically represent your business and be able to intelligently engage potential customers and visitors to your booth.  Characteristics to look for when choosing your event management professionals include the following:

  • Professional Appearance
  • Well-Spoken
  • Friendly
  • Ability To Memorize Sales Script
  • Ability To Effortlessly Speak With Authority To Variety Of Individuals
  • Ability To Follow Directions

Trade show Etiquette

As important as training on your company, products and services is to the overall success of a trade show, it is essential that all members of the team be aware of acceptable behavior, and unacceptable behavior.  It is important that everyone that represents you be on the same page.  Here are a few guidelines to include in training your team members on trade show etiquette:

  • Proper Attire
  • Proper Grooming
  • Hours Expected
  • No Food Or Drink At The Booth
  • No Phone Calls At The Booth
  • No Sitting Down At The Booth
  • No Personal Conversations Between Colleagues

Trade shows are a great way to build your company’s brand awareness, to launch a new product or service, or as part of your overall sales strategy.  However, trade shows must be considered major events, and often times require a hefty budget that includes the booth, promotional items, travel for staff, extra staffing, and sales materials. A successful trade show requires a harmonious mixture of all of these things.  Your image at a trade show is paramount and is represented through your booth, the promotional and sales materials given away, and the people that represent you.

Professionals can be hired to assist your team, or in place of your team for trade shows and other events.   Spokes models, promotional models, sales professionals, survey takers, setup and tear down experts, and others can be hired to assist you in your trade show strategy.  Whether you outsource your event staffing and trade show jobs, or whether you keep them in house, training on the products and services, is essential.  Make sure that all individuals understand the goals of the trade show, whether it be determined by the number of leads gathered, direct sales, or another metric.  Provide them with a professional booth, promotional items that excite attendees and professional looking clothing so that they are easily identified.  Some organizations will choose to provide sales scripts for their team members of either 30 seconds or 60 seconds that they are required to memorize prior to the event.  These are absolutely necessary if you choose to outsource your trade show staffing.

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Designing A Trade Show Booth

Trade shows are a great way to launch new products, build brand awareness and increase sales.  All of this hinges on your booth’s ability to attract potential customers to your location.  Booths today must be interactive, easy to set-up and tear-down, flexible for changes in messaging, and build the brand of your business and your products.  It is also essential that you determine if you want your customers and Trade show personnel to interact without barriers or if you want a more receptionist type of approach.  All of this must be considered and carefully weighed when you begin the process of booth design for trade shows and other events.

Promoting Your Brand At Trade Shows

brand marketing

Building Your Company’s Brand

Your brand is your most valuable asset; not your product, or your people, it is the way that people feel about your brand and how recognizable your brand is to the general public, and to your potential customers.  Your Trade show booth must reflect your logo and echo your overall brand’s look and feel.  The colors represented in your Trade show booth should be those that are commonly found in your corporate documents, sales pieces, and advertisements.  It is essential that at first glance, Trade show participants know who you are and what you stand for.  One of the biggest mistakes that corporations make in Trade shows is that instead of focusing on brand first, they choose to create a Trade show booth that focuses on a new product that no one has ever heard of.  The fact is, that Trade shows are outstanding ways to launch new products, when it is part of your overall brand.

Determine Best Design For Sales Person Success

tradeshow booth vanguard example

Trade Show Booth Design

Trade show booths can be designed for the purpose of showing off displays and handing out simple fliers as Trade show goers pass by, or to encourage a more interactive experience with Trade show personnel and sales persons.  If your business or product has a longer sales process, it is essential that you give your people the opportunity to bring potential customers into the booth space to have a more direct conversation.  You can choose to setup a small desk area, a comfortable seating area, or an area with computer demonstrations that show off your product.  When selecting Trade show booth designs, it is essential to get the feedback from your sales people as to how best the booth can help them make sales from the floor.

Don’t Discount Setup And Tear-Down Time

Often, sales people that are working Trade shows, fly in the night before the event, and have only a couple of hours to setup the Trade show booth and at the end of the event, time is just as scarce.  Make their lives easier by choosing a Trade show booth design that is easy to setup and ideally takes less than 90 minutes.  You want your team to be functioning and focusing on their sales efforts; not fussing with trying to balance signage or search for nuts and bolts that are needed.  It is recommended that sales teams setup the booth at their office prior to shipping to ensure that all of the pieces are there and to ensure that they understand how to set it up.  It is vital that complete instructions with photos, if possible, are provided and are part of the standard Trade show booth kit.

Shipping Containers

Trade show booths can be expensive to ship, and most must be shipped by ground transportation systems including FedEx Ground or UPS Ground.  After a couple of cross-country trips and Trade shows, booths can start to show wear and tear, which is bad for your brand image.  Do not skimp on the shipping packaging and containers.  Ideally, the shipping containers will have wheels that make it easy for shipping personnel and your team to be able to move it easily without straining.  Include in the container a diagram of how things must be repacked so that it is easy at the next show to setup.

Flexibility In Design

You do not have to purchase a new Trade show booth each time your color scheme, brand or product changes.  That is of course, if you take flexibility into account.  Choose a Trade show booth design that allows you to easily swap out banners, signage and other aspects easily.  It is also possible that with the right design, multiple divisions of your organization can use the Trade show booth.  Pieces including tables, workbenches, and display screens should be able to have multiple locations within the booth.  This will give your team the flexibility to best adapt to the changing dynamics of a Trade show including a space that was not as described or to take advantage of the area assigned.

Technology Integration

Social Media Check In

Checking in at the Booth

Trade show goers today expect a level of technology integration when visiting booths.  Your trade show booth strategy must include product demonstrations, whether live or on video, smart phone apps, and other uses of technology that draws them to your booth.  Social media has exploded into the marketing scene maybe reward visitors who are attending the trade show that check into your booth.  LED lighting can be a great way to draw people to your booth, as most booths rely on the harsh overhead venue lighting.  If you create a warm and inviting atmosphere that draws people in, they are more apt to stick around and listen to your sales personnel.

There are a number of considerations when considering booth designs for Trade shows.  It is essential that you consult with your product developers, marketing team and sales team to make sure that the design will properly show off your product and support the mission of your brand. Your sales team will be standing in the booth for 12 or more hours per day; consider carpet or mats for your booth to make it easier on their feet, knees and hips.  The Trade show booths also must be easy to setup and tear down, and have shipping containers that are easy to move while protecting your booth investment during the transport from one Trade show to another.  Remember your brand, and echo your corporate colors, logo and taglines throughout the space to ensure that your potential customers can easily recognize who you are even on the floor of a crowded convention center.

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Trade Show Promotional Items Ensure Visitors To Your Booth

Once you have selected the trade show you will participate in, and designed your trade show booth, it is time to start selecting and ordering the promotional items that your sales team will be handing out. Trade show promotional items are expected today by visitors of the events and often times, the sponsor of the event will even provide visitors with tote bags to carry out their loot.  There are many common items that are found at each and every trade show; travel mugs, pens, highlighters, stress balls, and USB drives are all common today.  Selecting a promotional item for giveaways need to be based on more than just price; items need to reflect the theme of the event, represent your business’ brand, or somehow tie into your message.


Get More Traffic To Your Booth

Choosing Trade show Promotional Items

Of course, budget is always a concern.  When you have signed on to take part in a trade show, the sponsor of the event will provide you with the number of expected attendees.  In addition, you need to count on all of the other team members that are representing the other trade show participants.  Once you have that total, it is recommended to increase your order by 15%.  Take your total budget, divide it by the total number of promotional items you need to determine the price point you can afford.  It is also recommended that you choose two or more different types of promotional items so that you have an array of options for trade show booth visitors.

Apparel for Team Members

One of the important considerations for your trade show team is to ensure that when individuals approach your booth, they can easily spot your team.  Button-down shirts, vests, sweaters, and polo shirts are available in a variety of sizes, materials and designs.  These can be embroidered with your logo and tagline.  For events that take place outdoors, baseball hats, jackets, coats, and even scarves for winter events can complete the look and promote your brand.  Don’t forget to order lanyards for badges your employees can wear so that individuals can identify them easily.

Trade Show Apparel

Trade Show Apparel

  • Button Down Shirts
  • Polo Shirts
  • Jackets
  • Jerseys
  • Uniforms
  • Tank Tops
  • Active wear
  • Sweaters
  • Turtlenecks
  • Hats
  • Vests
  • Lanyards – for badges

Promotional Items For Less Than $1.00 Each

Events where there are high numbers expected can be daunting when choosing trade show promotional items.  In this case, the budget may require that promotional items come in under $1.00 each.  Not to worry; there is a wide variety of choices, for every budget.  For outdoor events, or events in sunny locations, you may want to choose golf tees, golf markets, sunscreen packages or even lip balm.  Pens and highlighters are often the items first thought of when budget is a consideration; but there are many other more creative options including tins of breath mints, wallet calendars and bumper stickers, to name just a few.  Get creative when your budget is small; consider ceramic mugs that your team fills with hard candy as a giveaway; food and treats are always appreciated.  Below are some other options for promotional items typically under $1.00 each:

  • Tote Bags
  • Pens and Highlighters
  • Ceramic Mugs
  • Rulers
  • Bag Clips
  • Golf Tees
  • Golf Markers
  • Wallet Calendars
  • Stress Balls
  • Sunscreen


Promotional Items Between $1.00 And $2.00 Each

When your budget allows, the upgrade to this next level of trade show promotional items can help you stand out from the crowd.  People that attend trade shows have come to expect that all businesses that have booths have promotional giveaways.  The goal of the giveaways is to get individuals to the booth, so that your sales team can educate them about your products.  Below are some of the items available in this price range:

  • Key chains
  • Flashlight/Key Chain Combos
  • Tumblers With Straws
  • Calculators
  • Ice Scrapers
  • Measuring Tapes
  • Pedometers


Promotional Items Between $2.00 And $3.50

Trade shows that are focused on business to business sales, or for businesses with higher priced products, more expensive promotional items are necessary.  In B2B trade shows, the attendees are savvy, and it is likely that your business will have competition in the event.  It is essential that your promotional items be something that resonates with them.  Here is a sampling of what is available, personalized, in this price range:

  • Promotional Pocket Knives
  • Fanny Packs
  • Neoprene Beverage Coolers
  • Lunch Coolers
  • Beach Balls
  • Sports Bottles
  • Bottle Opener With LED Lights

Promotional Items In The Price Range Of $3.50 – $10.00 Each

This next level of promotional items allows you to be more creative and really pinpoint a product that can be personalized that reflects your brand, your product, or your mission.  Something people overlook is the power of having trade show attendees wandering through the show wearing or carrying your really cool stuff; that will help draw other individuals to your booth.  In this category, you have a plethora of choices:

Promotional Items

Trade Show Promotional Item Giveaway Ideas

  • Duffle Bags
  • Toiletry Kits
  • Laser Pointers
  • Diaries/Journals
  • USB Drives
  • Stainless Steel Sports Bottles
  • Playing Cards
  • Baseball Hats
  • Fine Key Chains
  • Business Card Holders
  • Insulated Coffee Mugs
  • Imprinted Mp3 Speakers
  • Umbrellas
  • Tins with Chocolate
  • Gourmet Popcorn Tins
  • Fleece Blankets


$10.00 And Above

Often, this price range is for business to business trade shows that are highly focused.  These promotional items do come at a premium.  They can also be used to reward individuals at other trade shows who make a purchase or sign up for more information.  In this category, the sky is the limit and you are sure to find a promotional item that reflects your brand.

  • Digital Photo Keychain
  • Leather Briefcases
  • Desk Calculators
  • Picture Frames
  • BBQ Kits
  • Desk Clocks
  • Writing Pads
  • MP3 Player
  • Headphones
  • Wine

From time to time, even the most prepared marketing or sales team will find that they’ve forgotten to order promotional items.  Fortunately, there are items that are available on remarkably short deadlines, even with just 24 hour turnaround times.  Typically, these include the lower cost items including mugs, pens, stress balls, and the like.  If you find yourself on a short deadline, don’t despair, you can have the trade show promotional items shipped directly to the event to save time and money.


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Using Pop Up Banners For Trade Shows

Pop up banners for trade shows can be a great way to stand out in the pack. No matter what line of work you might be in, competition is likely fierce. This reality is never more emphasized than when your industry has a trade show.

Getting Their Attention

A trade show is an opportunity to scope out the competition, display new products, remind people of the old ones, and make a lasting impression with as many different potential clients and associates as possible. A company that does well at a trade show can definitely look forward to a great year.

What falls to you then is to come up with ways of getting attention. You have a lot of different things you can try to stand out such as banner stands, tabletop displays, display truss, and more. One of them should definitely be a pop up banner.

Pop up banners generally hold a graphic that higher than six feet bringing attention to your message. Having a good copywriter, graphic designer, ad agency or simply a combination of all of these attributes will help increase your trade show success.

An Attractive Look

Pop Up Banner Stands

Pop Up Banner Stands

The best examples of pop up banners for trade shows all say pretty much the same thing. No matter what the business or product might be, memorable pop up banners tell the world to pay attention to what they have to say. And the ones that are the most effective are the ones that are able to do this.

The benefits of using a pop up banner for your next trade show are many:

  • Instant visibility of your product and/or company.
  • The advertising potential of a great pop up banner is considerable.
  • It allows your company to show its creative side.
  • It can use straightforward imagery and text to get its point across much more quickly and easily than any other form of advertisement.

Find Your Edge With Pop Up Banners

It’s very simple. When you use pop up banners for trade shows, you’re using a time-tested method of getting your name and company out there.

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Versatile Tradeshow Tabletop Displays

Some events, conferences and trade shows do not allow for large corporate styled booths.  Or, you may simply not have the budget to invest in a one of these permanent types of displays.  Not to fret, there are a variety of options available to you that are both reasonably priced, and effective.  One of the things to consider when designing a trade show booth, is the cost of shipping from one event to another.  Shipping costs and times have increased dramatically over the last several years.  That is why the smaller tabletop displays have made a comeback.  They are more versatile, more budget friendly, and easier to manage than their large counterparts.

Briefcase Tradeshow Tabletop Displays

briefcase table top

briefcase table top

Believe it or not, you can find professional tabletop displays for your events that collapse and breakdown into an easy to manage briefcase.  There are a number of benefits to this type of tabletop display:

  1. Event team can easily carry them on the airplane to avoid in shipping costs or delays
  2. Graphics, messaging and special offers can be cheaply and easily swapped out
  3. The fabric display allows for each event to be personalized
  4. They can multi-task for special presentations in offices and board rooms

Often, this type of tabletop display will easily morph into a four-foot wide display that is over two feet high.  These can be popped up in less than a minute, saving your team valuable time and effort. These kinds of displays that are referred to as trade show panel displays.

Popup Tradeshow Tabletop Displays

Table Top Pop Up Display

Table Top Pop Up Display

Popup display systems are designed to create maximum impact while providing the ultimate in flexibility for all types of events.  They are sophisticated and professional and typically take less than ten minutes to assemble.  Rigid frames support high-impact mural panels that can be customized to each of your events.  These displays travel well in durable custom cases to ensure that they arrive at the next show in prime condition.  They are available in a variety of sizes and dimensions to fit every need and budget.

Fabric Tabletop Displays

A tradeshow tabletop display constructed of fabric that is printed with your logo or brand identity is a great backdrop for any event, conference or tradeshow.  This type of display is constructed out of metal that are put together with tension to support an eye-catching graphic and message.  The travel cases make these easy to ship, store and care for and both setup and tear down are quick and stress free.

Modular Tradeshow Tabletop Displays

Table Trade Show Display

Table Trade Show Display

Sales teams that are constantly on the go between tradeshows, events, conferences and special presentations appreciate displays that travel well, are easy to assemble and look professional.  Modular display systems can be used alone, or as part of your larger booth display.  Many are available with built in lighting and customized graphics to ensure that your business is getting the attention you desire at all of your events.  These modular type displays are heavier than some of the other options listed here, however, the cases come with wheels for easy maneuvering and delivery.

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Virtual Trade Show Software

As travel has gotten more expensive, and businesses are looking to shave costs wherever they can, virtual trade shows, conferences and events have become more popular.  This is in part because of the new virtual trade show software that allows businesses to display their products and services to individuals across the globe in a friendly and professional manner.  No longer do you need to invest in expensive booths, promotional items, or send your team out into the field to get the trade show leads and sales that your business needs.  Today, you can save time and money by hosting a virtual trade show for your customers and prospects.

Virtual Trade Show

Virtual Trade Show

The Experience Of A Virtual Trade show

Road warriors are exhausted.  Travelling is not as easy as it once was and travel budgets have been slashed.  The advent of virtual trade show software allows professionals to stroll through a trade show or event with a simple click of the mouse from the comfort of their office, or home.  Animation and graphics allows individuals to walk the trade show floor, view exhibitions and choose what companies and products they want to learn more about.  The benefit is that a virtual trade show is open 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world.

Always Wanted To Host A Trade show?  Now You Can

Are you a member of a trade association, nonprofit, or other group that has always wanted to host your own trade show?  Now, you can; without all of the hassle of selecting a location, hiring an event center, and managing the day of the event.  You can use virtual trade show software to create an online event where businesses, associations or nonprofits can display their products and services.  You can select the type of exhibit hall, have an auditorium that runs presentations, keynote addresses, or seminars, a communication center, and more.  Businesses and organizations that take part can display their products and services to countless individuals and businesses across the globe.

International Trade shows No Longer Require Travel

Because virtual trade show software has the built-in ability to translate information on the site to a multitude of languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and many more, attendees and exhibitors from across the globe can easily display their products to a global market.  A trade show or event that does not require the expense of airline tickets, hotels and meals means that every sale goes towards profit, not just to make up for the expense of the event.

Technology has made our lives easier, in so many ways.  While we have not yet cracked the code for a paperless office, we do now have the ability to use technology to help us reach customers and potential customers across the globe.  Teleconferencing was one of the first significant savers of travel budgets and now with the advent and virtual trade show software, attendees and exhibitors of global trade shows no longer have to spend time and financial resources commuting to an event; they can do it from the comfort of their home or office.


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How To Pick A Trade Show Display Truss

Booth set up is very important when you are hitting up the trade show circuit. Setting your booth up right will get your booth the attention that your company needs. Getting the right trade show truss display will make attending the trade show worthwhile.

You will get more attention and make a bigger and better impression when you use the right truss to help set up your booth. There are plenty of options to choose from that are eye catching and very easy to assemble and take down.  Use these aluminum display truss systems to create a custom booth that helps you stand out of the crowd.

Picking the right set up can make or break your trade show success. These systems are key to creating the best possible booth setups.  The booths that are offered by the venues are typically very mundane and ordinary looking. They also still require that you decorate your booth appropriately.

What To Look For

To choose the right display truss for your set up you want to consider the following:

  •  Set a budget
  • Use a display truss  that suits your product
  • Make sure you can carry and set it up

Budget of course is always a concern and understood so it is a good jumping off point when you are looking for a trade show display truss. Set your budget first be as flexible as possible but understand that you can find tons of trusses that will fit nicely into any budget you set for your business.

Truss Trade Show Display

Truss Trade Show Display

There are many different display truss options so you want to be sure that you choose one that fits your type of product. In other words if you are trying to sell primitive design goods for example you do not want to go with an ultra modern looking booth and truss system.

If this is something that you do on your own choosing an elaborate two story truss system that you will have to set up alone is not likely a good choice. When you are considering which truss is right for you, you should consider the ease of setting up and taking down the truss.

It is important to also give consideration to transportation issues. Can you transport the equipment? Will you be doing this on your own? Will you have help? All of those questions will help you to decide which display truss is the best choice.

Get the system that works best for your business and make the impression that will get the attention for your business that you need!

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Couple More Trade Show Planning Tips

Confirmed studies and reports from different industries within the world of business overall have proven that trade shows are some of the most effective and beneficial events that can be held throughout the year.  These events allow a wide variety of different businesses to have their own trade show kiosk set up within the chosen venue for the specific event and have direct access to be able to expose their business to hundreds and even thousands of targeted attendees.

Regardless of how big or small your business may currently be today, it would not be wise for you to think even for a brief moment that working at a trade show and have your own trade show kiosk set up will not able to benefit your business phenomenally in a short period of time.  The key, though, is to make sure that you are working these trade shows effectively in order to truly get the most benefits from the overall experience.  How can this be accomplished?

Appearance & Presentation Are Everything

You need to make sure that your trade show kiosk is able to provide a clear and accurate representation and reflection of your business.  This can only be achieved if the appearance of the booth itself and the presentation of your materials is of a high quality that will captivate the attentiveness of those in attendance.  Failing to do so will only cause them to be turned off by your booth, drawing them to other booths instead which may include some of your competitors.  Interactive kiosks may create and invite attention to your booth.  By interacting with trade show goers, you will have a chance to find out what they are looking for an make adjustments to your trade show campaign next time to improve on your conversions.

It is also wise to remember that the appearance of your trade show kiosk or booth is not the only appearance that you want to make sure is professional reflection of your business.  You want to make sure that your own appearance is professional as well, because you and the people that will be working your booth with you are direct representatives for your business and everything that your business stands for.  You want to make sure that the impression that you leave with the thousands of people in attendance is a great one.

The Power of the Business Card

If you attend a trade show without a business card, you are shooting yourself in the foot of professionalism with a figurative bullet of failure.  There are so many people that attend these events without business cards that end up kicking themselves repeatedly for months and even years after these events were over as they reflect on all of the potential customers and clients that they could have been able to convert only if they came to that one specific trade show fully prepared.

This is especially the case if you are working at the trade show yourself.  You have already invested a sufficient amount of money into being able to have a trade show kiosk and have your business represented at these events.  It is wise that you milk these opportunities for all that they are worth and get your business cards out to as many people as possible.  Also focus on collecting as many business cards as you can, because by doing so you will essentially be building an extensive list of warm leads that you can call on for future sales and overall conversion purposes.

Don’t Let It Slip Away

Trade show events do not come around that often throughout the year.  Most areas throughout the country will only have a few conducted annually in some of their busiest cities.  Therefore, it is imperative for you to make sure that you establish a strong professional presence at each of these trade shows.  Make sure that your appearance and presentation is one that reflects well on your business, since you will be the direct representative of your organization at these functions.  Do not let a single person walk by your booth without giving them one of your business cards and asking them for one their own.  By taking advantage of this valuable opportunity, your business will experience growth and success at a rate that could very well break through the boundaries of your imagination.


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The Benefits of Using Trade Show Carpet

Customizing your trade show booth is an important aspect of really making an impact and making the trip “pay off”. The goal of attending an industry specific trade show is to network and meet new people in the industry to ultimately build your client base.


Trade Show Carpet Distinguishes This Booth

You want your booth to really stand out. You want people to immediately be able to distinguish your booth from other booths. A lot of companies really do it up but they neglect a very important area. The floor!

Trade show carpet that is used to compliment your booth can make a difference in how your booth is perceived by potential clients and customers. First impressions are very important and are lasting. The more your booth stands out the more it will be remembered by people.


There are benefits to using carpet for your booth:

• You get a polished professional look.
• You make a positive impression.
• It makes a nicer looking backdrop to present your products and services.
• Helps distinguish you from other booths

When you attend a trade show you are not only meeting potential new clients but you are also meeting other people in our industry that you want to be able to connect with and you do want to make a good impression.

You want your business to look professional and polished. The details like carpet make the difference in many cases between you and a competitor on whether a client decides to check your products out or they decide to go with the competitors. Many times people neglect the trade show floor and by having something like carpet, you’ll stand out from other competitors. Flooring comes in a wide variety of colors and if you picked one that complimented your brand’s colors. For example, many of your trade show booth visitors will remember your brand as the one with the lime green flooring.

Trade Show Carpet

Trade Show Carpet

Making a positive impression by leaving no detail ignored sends a message to people passing by that your business is a professional business. Many times making the sale really just depends on getting someone to stop and take a look. With more traffic the chances of making a sale increases. The more inviting your booth is the more likely you will get that foot traffic that is passing by to stop!

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Conference Giveaway Ideas

So, you have a big trade show  event or conference just around the corner.  Have you ordered the promotional items that your event team will hand out?  Are you searching for a creative giveaway that will grab the attention of conference and event attendees while not breaking your budget?  Walking through a trade show, you will undoubtedly find a myriad of tired promotional items being given away by exhibitors.  Everyone has more than enough pens, highlighters, travel mugs, stress balls and beverage cozies.  Today, conference attendees are more savvy, and chances are that if you stick with the tried and true promotional items, you won’t get near the results from the event that you desire.

First, Think Outside The Box

promo hand sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer with Custom Logo

In your next meeting, ask your staff the one thing that they would want to receive from an exhibitor at an event.  Brainstorm with the group and see what is missing, and what they would actually desire to stop and pickup.  Could it be something as simple as a deck of cards?  Hand sanitizer?  Breath mints?  Or would they like to see something more creative, perhaps something that is a fun play on words with your products, services or brand as great conference giveaway ideas.

Consider Your Conference Attendees

If you are serving the B2B world, consider what the road warrior (and road weary) attendees would like.  Flying about the country today takes more time and more energy than ever before.  With the TSA restrictions on hygiene and personal products, would the attendees appreciate small bottles of lotion or lip balm?  If you are serving the B2C consider what your potential customers will keep once they get home – a bottle opener, a letter opener, a tea towel?  You are looking for conference giveaway ideas that have lasting power.  Warning — many businesses once handed out magnets; but today, the stainless steel refrigerators are not magnet friendly; do not give your potential client a $0.25 magnet that will ruin the surface of their $2,000 refrigerator.

Budget-Friendly Conference Giveaway Ideas

There is a vast array of budget-friendly promotional items to choose from.  When searching for a promotional product that is less than $1.50 each, consider individually packaged mints or gum, golf tees, USB drives, laser pointers, and other fun items that you don’t typically see at events.  Be creative; if your business is in the financial sector, consider giving away small calculators.  If your business is in the hospitality sector, consider room fresheners.  Think of something that in some way relates to your brand, or to your product.

High-End Conference Giveaway Ideas

If you have a budget that allows higher-end promotional products, something over $7.50 each, you can get truly creative and make an impact with conference attendees.  Portable speakers for MP3 players, universal chargers for electronics, branded bottles of wine and a wine opener, an embroidered baseball hat or jacket, are all items that will make potential customers remember you long after the event is over.  Today, you need to stand above the crowd and your competition by selecting high-quality and unique promotional items for all of your events.

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Getting Ready For A Show

The vast majority of business owners, managers and executives know that any opportunity that allows them to effectively network with other professionals and expose their business to a big audience is a great opportunity that they truly do not want to pass up.

 That is why so many of them seem to flock in herds to trade shows whenever they are being held in the area.  They are well aware that there will not be many more chances throughout the year for such a massive amount of business-minded individuals to be within the same physical space at the same time, so they strive to make the most of these moments before they pass away.

 Trade shows can prove to be very effective networking tools and events if they are worked correctly.  The problem is that many people do not really know how to work trade shows effectively in order to truly benefit from the overall experience.  We will now consider a short list of helpful tips that you should put into practice in order to truly benefit from these benefits. 

Helpful Tips That Should Be Considered

Take the time to review any and every piece of information that is made available to you before the day of the trade show arrives, especially if there is a list of the speakers that will be in attendance.  One of the featured speakers may be someone that you highly respect either personally or professionally and look forward to meeting and networking with them.  You should also take the time to explore the list of registered attendees for the same reason; you never know who you might bump into when you are there.  You also want to take into consideration the many different topics that will be covered during the seminar segments of the trade show.  Even if you have already heard those topics covered before at previous events, you should still consider attending primarily for the people that you will be able to network with that will also be there.

Consider Making Worthwhile Investments

If you are truly interested in maximizing the benefits that you can experience through attending trade shows, then you consider making several key investments that will enable you to do so.  For instance, maybe you are financially able to invest in renting a booth to represent your own company at the event.  Based on the location of the event and the expected amount of attendees, these costs can be pretty steep – especially when you take into consideration the equipment charges and associated expenses for materials such as trade show tables and trade show table covers.  Tables used at trade shows are normally six to eight feet long. The table covers can be printed with your company logo and can be a big branding aspect of your show.  If you do not want to purchase a whole table throw for your table, you can just get a table runner, which takes up a small portion of the table. Tabletop displays are also available and can sit right on top of your table to attract attention.  Again, people walking up to your table can become great connections for your company later on.Trade-Show-Table-Throws

However, if you take full advantage of this networking opportunity and use it as a way to effectively advertise your business, the revenue that you will be able to gain from the increased traffic and conversion rates that your business will experience will be able to balance everything out again in your favor.

Do Not Forget These Points

Effectively working a trade show event can take your business to a much higher level than you ever expected it to go in so many different ways.  You can acquire more exposure to your business from these events in one day than you would have been able to acquire through traditional methods in several months or even several years.  In order to do so, however, you need to always remember these key points:

  •  Research the event thoroughly before the day of the event arrives to make sure that you know exactly what and who to expect.
  •  Preparation is essential.  Make sure that you are prepared to expose your business in the most effective way possible to large groups of people.  A lack of preparation can cause you to miss out on a lot of valuable business opportunities.
  • Consider investing in the trade show yourself to have your own business represented.  Attending these trade shows is good, but being a part of them and having your business featured at one of the available trade show tables can cause your business potential to skyrocket through the roof. As well as giving your company credibility in the trade.
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What to Do With Trade Show Leads

Trade shows are a great way to build credibility, launch new products, and get leads that produce sales.  They are also an expensive endeavor; the booth, the travel, the staffing, the promotional items, and the time away from the office add up to create a budget-busting event, unless your sales team turns the trade show leads into sales.  There are many ways to gather leads at a trade show; you can have a drawing for a great giveaway at the end of the event, have your sales personnel input all of the business cards they gather into a database, and don’t forget to target the other vendors at the show.  Increasing your leads at the show by being creative is the best thing you can do.  But, what do you do with all of these leads once everyone returns from the event?  Below are some proven techniques to turn leads into sales.

Step One:  Invest time in consolidating all of the trade show leads gathered at the event into your client management software.  If you do not currently have a CRM platform, invest in one prior to an event; it is worth every penny.  While your sales personnel may grumble, it is really best that their first day back that they input all of the names of their contacts from the show into the database and add whatever they remember about the potential client.  Do not let them farm this task out to support staff.



Step Two:  Sort through the database of trade show leads.  Ideally, when your sales personnel put the potential customers into the database, they will indicate the level of interest that the customers indicated at the show.  Your first priority is to select those leads that are hot.  These should be your first targets.  It is essential that you strike while they still remember your team and your product.

Step Three:  Devise a creative email that your sales personnel can send directly to these trade show leads.  It should remind them of your business, the products, and whatever specials you were offering at the show.  Encourage your sales team to personalize the emails for prospects that they remember, and that they built a relationship with.  As with all marketing sales collateral, it is essential that you include information about the product, but also that you ask for the sale.  This is not the time for a soft sales approach; now is the time to hit them with an offer that they cannot refuse.

Step Four:  Devise follow-up strategies for all of your trade show leads.  This can include emails, mailings, phone calls, and the like.  The first week after the trade show is the best time to turn leads into customers.  Prepare your team with the proper sales scripts and necessary materials to make their jobs easier.  Run a contest between your sales team members to see who can turn the most leads into sales upon their return to headquarters.  All leads, even those not considered hot must be follow-upped on within that first week; as crazy as the event is, now is not the time to relax.  Now is the time to sell.

Trade Show

Trade Show

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